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I'm Dr. Sonia Tiwari. I design learning experiences informed by research. 

I am most interested in developing children's educational products. 

I earned my PhD in the Learning, Design, and Technology from Penn State University in 2022. I've previously worked as a Game Designer and UX Designer in CA, and taught Toy and Game Design at National Institute of Design, India. 

I've lived across multiple cities in India & the US. The question "Where are you from?" often confuses me, because I've felt a great sense of belonging to every place I've lived in!

I'm based in Campbell, CA and currently developing an exciting personal project (LXD for children), while serving as Director of Events for Children’s Media Association.

Research Interests

As a learning scientist, I study how children learn through the research lenses of Learning Sciences, Early Childhood Education, and Human-Computer Interaction. I try to understand how children learn in informal environments using educational media and maker activities. I use these insights to inform design of creative learning environments for the future. Ultimately, within these environments my goal is to design delightful learning experiences using elements such as toys, games, websites, mobile applications, narrative media, and maker activities.

Some key areas of my research are: 

 - UX design for children's educational products such as educational toys and games, websites, mobile apps, interactive narrative media, and LMS 

 - Transmedia Making for children, or using educational media as an inspiration for follow-up maker activities to extend children’s online learning offline 

 - Increasing learner engagement for children through design of illustrated books, tangible and digital toys and games, educational videos, and Infographics   

The challenge that makes me stronger at design

Growing up Dyslexic, Design Industry has been a great place to express my thoughts and ideas visually! Dyslexia also helped me develop the habit of over-preparing, organizing and simplifying complex information in order to learn smoothly - which comes in handy as a researcher. 

Who am I outside work?

Outside of work I'm generally busy doing creative activities with/for my son like painting, crafting, and sewing. I sometimes write songs and play Ukulele. 

I'm known to bring up '30 Rock' references in my everyday conversations, which I think is one of the best shows ever! I'm Liz Lemon's Indian sister. Sitcoms have helped me laugh my way through many difficult times - perhaps this is why I embrace humor in my everyday life!

Keep in touch, maybe?

I'm active on Linkedin: I write articles, share actionable ideas, and offer consultations related to design and research for children's educational products. Let's connect!