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Short Film | Bhavri

Bhavri (English) from Sonia Tiwari on Vimeo.

Credits - Screenplay, Direction, Character Design, Animation, Set Design, 3d Layout, Lighting, Editing, Visual Effects, Sound Design

The name 'Bhavri' in Hindi has three meanings - spinning top, bumble bee and whirlpool. Characteristics that define the lead character. 

In a bittersweet fable about life and death, a little Indian princess, Bhavri, misses her grandfather and decides to send him a note in heaven. When the majestic grandfather revisits earth in toy-size, Bhavri thoroughly enjoys his company. Eventually she learns the importance of letting go and grandpa returns to heaven with a crowd of glowing butterflies! 

This short was created at Academy of Art University, San Francisco in 2011. It was animated using Maya, Flash and After Effects. It has a lot of hand painted textures and motifs layered beneath layers.