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Play Memories Visual Mapping

Presented as part of a Panel Presentation at TASP 2019, Harrisonburg VA

Transcultural Studies of Play: 
Memories, Wishes and Intentions

Eldreth, Tiwari, Zhaci, Sung Lyu, Kara Miheretu, and Johnson

Cultural-historical and socio-cultural perspectives (e.g., Gaskins, Rogoff) underpin this research directed towards illuminating the importance of cultural contexts (home, neighborhood, community, school, and media culture) on play memories. Drawings, interviews and focus groups were used to generate data with attention to USA, Tibet, S. Korea, and India cases. Play memories and idealizations motivate present-day intentions for bettering play opportunities in one's culture as well as globally. Transcultural concepts and uses of play are discussed.

As part of my presentation, I proposed a novel method of analyzing Play Memories in order to understand how learning occurred in different settings across home, school, neighborhood, and culture-at-large.