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Community Makerspaces

I've relocated a lot, so I try to build an instant sense of community by designing random creative objects at community makerspaces. These are my people! The creative types who are eager to learn maker skills such as laser cutting, 3d printing, sewing, resin casting, metalsmithing, printmaking, ceramics etc. Here's a collection of some of the work I did at community makerspaces 

Shoutout to The Rivet and The Makery, my favorite makerspaces in State College, PA

LED light bookmarks designed using LilyTiny (Arduino type microcontroller that can be sewn in)

3d printed and hand-painted Maker magnetic Badges

Lasercut Finger puppets - MDF cutout with hand-tied yarn hair

Montessori soft book - cotton and felt fabric book based on Pre-K curriculum

Dragon nail salon - repurposing old 
nail paint crowdsourced from the community

Pop-up toys - upcycled cardboard boxes

Finger puppet theater - cereal boxes and paper
Bunny toss - Pre-K classroom game for Easter

Teacher necklaces - created from upcycled paper, plastic, and yarn bits and bobs

Bat ornaments - Wood and paper ornaments

Toy vases - magnetic tiles activity for kids

Metal-smithing foundations - sawing the sterling silver cutout and soldering pieces

3d printed "Tooth Bat" toy. An alternative tooth fairy, 
a bat that likes to eat fallen teeth and offers coins in return

3d printed geometry puzzle

Resin-casted pendants with cute buttons and glitter

DIY Ceramic refrigerator magnets
Made out of white ceramic clay, fired and glazed

Family diorama - upcycled glass jar and wood peg dolls