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PPPC (Play Journal)

Very happy to share the first issue of the ‘Play, Practice and Policies Connections’ journal associated with the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) that I co-edited with Dr Smita Mathur.  Read more and download the full journal!

This journal existed as a newsletter for the last 25 years, and since early-childhood practitioners and researchers were already putting in a lot of work into the newsletter - it was about time it turned into a journal!  For the first issue we acknowledged that we are in the middle of the pandemic and it would be a lot of pressure for authors to write empirical research articles. But we still wanted to capture how children play during the pandemic. There is art by children, articles by parents, teachers, and researchers. It’s a different type of journal that will capture ideas in both scholarly and practical ways.   

Hope you enjoy it!

Download the full journal here Link>>