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The case for Hybrid Play

The case for HYBRID PLAY:Digital + Physical. And not the traditional AR/VR I love that when organizations like the LEGO GroupUNICEF and Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop share research reports, there is always a section with action items. This is such a key part of any research, to summarize the findings in a way that will lead to action. 

Checkout the report titled 'Responsible Innovation in Technology for Children

One of the recommendations for industry is “Explore forms of hybrid digital–physical play that require children to engage their body actively in physical and even tiring ways.”

At first I thought this recommendation is referring to the traditional AR/VR content for kids, that's been around for a while. But it would be nice to imagine other more active ways for the hybrid model of play, that does not require strapping a headset, holding a phone/tablet, or wearing a haptic suit (Something that takes away the ease of play).

I came across a few good examples of how play can be simple, feel natural, and involves technology in an active way:

YALP (Play spelled backwards)
Hybrid Play