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2022 | Podcast | Learning Experience Design for Children | Instructional Design Tips with Tom McDowall Watch >>

Discussing how LX design for children has overlaps with the corporate world and higher ed. Examples from my past work and opinions about the future of LXD. 

2022 | Podcast | Designing narrative educational content for children in Web3 | Nina Jane Patel Watch >>

Discussing best practices for content creators in Web3 and using the power of narrative media in the Metaverse. 

2021 | Podcast | Learning Experience Design for Instructional Designers | Dr Luke Hobson Listen >>

"If you research the term "instructional design" online, you'll often find another similar term called, "learning experience design." How are they related? What are their differences? Joining us today is Sonia Tiwari, a Learning Experience Design expert from Penn State. In this episode, we will dive into how instructional designers can focus on the learning experience, what research tells us for best practices, what tools to be aware of, and how to interpret job postings that mention both LXD and ID."

2020 | Podcast | Bringing Creative Design to Early Childhood Education | Impact Learning with Maria Xanidou  Listen >>

"Maria talks with Sonia Tiwari, a learning scientist and, currently, a PhD candidate in the Learning, Design, and Technology program at Penn State University. In her research, Sonia explores how children learn in informal environments using educational media and maker activities. Through her training in electronic media, design and animation and former experience as a visual, game & user experience designer, Sonia brings unique insights and perspectives into the design of creative learning environments. Parents will learn many educational media resources and good practices to help them design engaging learning activities for their children at home. This is an insightful conversation with a visual designer and learning scientist who wants to put a smile on the face of learners by designing resources that are useful, beautiful, playful and funny!"

2020 | Podcast | Educational Game Design | Steven Maggi  Listen >>

2019 | Magazine Interview | Creative Gaga magazine  Read >>